New Committee Confirmed

The membership of our new Community Pharmacy Norfolk & Suffolk Committee has now been confirmed, which will take office on 1st April 2024:

Anil Sharma – Independent

Nick Smith – Independent

Melissa Peet – Independent

Gurpreet Kular – Independent

Chris Ball – Independent

Simon Ingham – Independent

Alister Huong – CCA

Martin Howe – CCA

Greg McCarthy – CCA

Mike Hebron – CCA

Darren Wales – CCA

Junchao Jiang – AIMp

We are very grateful to the above for their commitment to continue/join and represent local Contractors for the betterment of the sector.

It is also only right to recognise that ALL members of the existing separate Committees have made massive contributions to the LPCs, often over many years. Thank you to all Members for their contribution.

In the interim LPC support for contractors continues and that further details of Officer structure and responsibilities will be communicated in due course. Please do continue to get in touch via

The first meeting for our new committee will be on the 17th April 2024. Further committee dates will be shared once agreed upon.

Contractors wishing to observe a committee meeting, provide feedback or wanting to raise an AOB item can do so via emailing