The local organisation for community pharmacy is the Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC). The LPC is the focus for all community pharmacists and community pharmacy owners and is an independent and representative group. The LPC works locally with NHS England Sub Regions, CCGs, Local Authorities and other healthcare professionals to help plan healthcare services.

The LPC negotiates and discusses local pharmacy services with commissioners and is available to give advice to community pharmacy contractors and others wanting to know more about community pharmacy in Suffolk. LPCs liaise closely with their medical equivalent the Local Medical Committee so that GPs and pharmacists can work together to deliver services to patients. We also work in partnership with our other local representative committees.

All 13 committee members complete a Declaration of Interests (DOI) at the beginning of each committee cycle, which is updated as and when circumstances change. Please click on individuals names to see a copy of their DOI (information is shown without signatures for data protection reasons).